What I really think about Clickfunnels

As an online entrepreneur, we all need a good landing page and a good sales page. A landing page is the webpage that the visitor lands on. It is the page in which you can capture e-mails. This is the first thing your future customers see after they click on your link. A sales page is where you get your visitors to buy something. You better put in all you’ve got to make it as interesting as possible.  We all know, we need a software to create a landing page or a sales page. There are many softwares on the market such as Lead pages, Thrive themes, Unbounce, Clickfunnels and others.

I personally use Clickfunnels. Let me share some features of this software with you. Maybe it can help you decide if this is your type of software.

For starters, it is a powerful software. Why do I mean by that, well it does not limit your creativity. You can edit your landing page as much as you want. You can also share your funnel, if you are an affiliate you can get recurring commisions on whoever made a sale using your funnel.  There are no limits. Clickfunnels allows you to do many things such as collect e-mails,  start a membership, sell a course, launch a product, make a sales page and host a webinar. To collect e-mails, you can use Actioneticss which is part of clickfunnels. Actionetics is a built in e-mail service. You can also create your own affiliate program by using Backpac which is inside of clickfunnels.

It is easy to use. You have to choose a funnel, select a template, customize, add the product and ensure e-mail services, payments, integrations, domain are set up properly.  Clickfunnels is focused on the entire funnel and you simply add or edit pages inside the funnel.  They provide pages and templates that you can just plug in and edit them. You can plug in images that they provide, they are copyright free. No need to worry about that. They have very creative and good quality images, pages and templates. If you need explanations about how clickfunnels works, they provide a free training videos that will walk you through the basics.

Finally, Click funnels has an active community on facebook. The community is called Clickfunnels Avengers. You can ask questions or simply meet people that use the same software as you.

It also comes with a 14 day free trial. If you decide to try it, what do you have to loose. Explore for free. Figure out if the software is the one for you.

If you want to explore clickfunnels click here

If you have comments or questionns about clickfunnels, leave a comment. Create an awesome funnel today.

E-commerce-the fastest growing business in 2017

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing business in the world today.  Let’s face it, consumers prefer buying online. Why bother taking the time to get dressed and drive to a store, when you can shop in the comfort of your home, in sweats with a big old glass of whine?

The retail industry is struggling.  Macy’s has close many of their locations. Toys R Us, who has outsourced e-commerce for almost a decade,  recently realized they needed to make a change. The toy store decided to bring it’s e-commerce platform in the house. It is no news that e-commerce is threatening traditional retailer’s strategies.

That said,  retailers are in need of some serious e-commerce training if they want to survive in the industry. As many successful entrepreneurs have once said, when there is a need, there is a business opportunity.

This can be an opportunity for somebody to start and build their successful business. E-commerce is  the internet hot right now and it is up to any entrepreneur to grab their piece of pie.

The questions is how do you grab your piece of pie?

Here is your answer